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Certifica SA came into being thanks to the initiative of its founding member, Claudio Massa, and his important managerial experience gained at one of the main global audit and consultancy firms.

Certifica SA, which was founded in 2002, established itself on the Ticinese market as a new reference point for quality in the auditing and corporate consultancy sector. Its aim was to combine consideration of the specific requirements of the socio-economic region of Canton Ticino (and in particular the small and medium-sized enterprises sector) with offering a high-level auditing and consultancy service that complied with the highest international standards.

The affiliation with the PKF network in March 2006 led to the company name being changed to PKF Certifica SA. This represented the natural development of a local entity that is now able to offer its clients an international network with over 200 member firms and correspondents in around 150 countries. These companies provide first-class services in the auditing and corporate consultancy sector.

By becoming affiliated with the PKF network, PKF Certifica SA confirmed and promoted its philosophy with renewed vigour; this is a philosophy based on the high quality of its services, attention to the specific needs of the region, and personal service to meet the clients’ requirements.