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Lucerne and Geneva

In 2015, PKF Certifica SA set up a branch in Lucerne to manage audits in the German part of Switzerland, while in September 2016 opened a branch in Geneva, mainly active in the financial sector.

PKF Certifica SA is an auditing and corporate consultancy company that is a full member of the PKF international network. The PKFI network has over 200 member firms and correspondents in around 150 countries, counting more than 480 offices worldwide.

Thanks to the quality of its services, its extensive and well-developed organisation, and the turnover it generates, PKF International can be considered a group leader in its sector at the global level.

PKF Certifica SA represents the PKF international network throughout Canton Ticino and is committed to meeting the increasingly dynamic and complex needs of its clients by providing highly professional services that place value not only on the technical and organisational aspects, but also the human and interpersonal factors.

Despite originally focusing on the regional level, PKF Certifica SA is able to draw on qualified international expertise to offer effective, targeted, and swift responses to any specific need a client may have. We offer our international experience, which has been developed in diversified global contexts, for the benefit of our clients.

PKF Certifica SA is one of the 22 companies in Switzerland that are licensed to act as state-regulated audit firms and, excluding the main international audit groups, is the only one in the whole of Ticino. This licence, which is issued by the Swiss Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA) in Bern, represents the highest recognition in the audit sector. Furthermore, PKF Certifica SA is one of the 10 companies in Switzerland that are authorised by FAOA in the field of supervisory audits.

PKF Certifica SA’s strategy is to focus directly on the needs of the client, rather than providing standardised services.

In fact, thanks to the experience of the management team, which they have developed over the course of more than 10 years working for the main international audit groups, to the specialisation, competence, and training of our collaborators, and to the application of modern work methodologies, PKF Certifica SA is able to understand our clients’ most complex requirements and to offer them superb advice.

PKF Certifica SA is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors Switzerland (IIAS).



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